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Below you will find every free and paid digital product I’ve created so far on the topics of podcasting and digital marketing. 

Make sure you check back periodically as I am updating and adding to this page. There’s a bunch of half-finished stuff on my hard drive that I’m determined to publish in 2023 so stay tuned!

Credit for this page idea is Elizabeth Buckley-Goddard, who now has an amazing course to teach you how to build your own Everything Page! Check it out, it’s only US$9!  (Affiliate link)

Podcast Guesting Checklist (free)

A PDF download with all the steps you need to make the most of your guesting opportunity before, on and after recording day.

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The Podcaster's Roadmap: 10 Steps to Start a Podcast (free) (coming soon)

A PDF download and tutorial replay explaining the 10-step roadmap to start your podcast. 

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Podcast Growth Essentials (US$9)

Amplify your podcast’s reach with this audio guide & strategic marketing playbook!

This training is my 3 step process to help you market your show and grow your listenership — the right way for you.

We’ll cover:
– the foundations of podcast growth
– how to set podcast goals and measure the right things
– 15 podcast marketing ideas and which ones work best

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Bite-Sized Copy (US$9)

Overcome common barriers to writing website copy through tiny daily actions with this practical short course.

Write your website in 10 minutes a day using a simple social media habit!

You get:
– A 30 minute training on my bite-sized copy experiment and unfolding case study
– 30 bite-sized prompts to help you get started writing your website
– A Google sheet tracker to keep you organised so you don’t lose your work

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Minimum Viable Podcast Editing Tutorials (US$49)

Starting a podcast but don’t have the budget to outsource the editing?

I will teach you the basic things you need to know so that you can spend less time bogged down in the tech and actually get your podcast published.

You don’t need perfect editing. You need minimum viable editing so that you can publish your podcast consistently.

Included in this course:
– A 60 minute training is about the theory of the ‘minimum viable podcast editing’ approach
– Instructions for how to record, edit and export your files
– Tutorials for 2 great software options: Descript and Audacity

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Get Started Podcast Guesting Training (US$99)

You Don’t Have To Start Your Own Podcast To Get The Benefits + Rewards!

This training covers how to pitch and get accepted as a guest on podcasts, and make the most of the opportunity for your career or business.

You will learn:
– how to find the right podcasts to guest on
– how to effectively pitch podcasts
– how to prepare for your podcast interview
– how to best leverage the opportunity
– plus tech and communication tips for podcast guesting

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Minimum Viable Podcast Training (US$200)

A no-fluff training covering everything you need to actually start your podcast (and what you definitely don’t need, too!)

You’ll learn what you must have to get started, what I strongly recommend, and what is a nice-to-have but can (and should!) come later once you’re more established.

But most importantly, you’ll learn how to stop getting caught in tech overwhelm and content perfectionism and finally get your podcast LAUNCHED and LIVE!

You will learn:
– the biggest mistakes people make when planning their podcast (and what to do instead)
– what software and equipment you need for recording and publishing your podcast (and what you definitely don’t need, despite what celebrity entrepreneurs say!)
– the simple way to promote your podcast so you can launch effectively and sustainably
– how to build your podcast audience even if you’re just starting out
– what my own podcasts taught me about burnout and pod fade (and what I’m doing and recommending differently now)

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Need supporting migrating your podcast from one hosting platform to another, or something else that’s not listed above?

If it’s podcast-related, we can help you!

Get in touch with us via email or book in for a consult so we can find the option that suits your needs and budget.

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